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POST - Batch Options Snaps

Returns a batch of snaps.

Request Body REQUIRED
tickers string[] REQUIRED


Data object[]
Ticker string

The ticker symbol

Currency string
Ask number

NBBO offer price

AskSize integer

Shares available at Ask

AskMarket string

Market identifier code where Ask sourced

Bid number

NBBO bid price

BidSize integer

Shares available at Bid

BidMarket string

Market identifier code where Bid sourced

Open number

Trade price of first eligible trade of day

High number

Highest trade price of day

Low number

Lowest trade price of the day

PreviousClose number
Last number
LastMarket string

Market identifier code where Last sourced

LastSize integer

Shares traded at last price

LastTimestamp date-time

Timestamp of last trade in EST. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sssssss.

QuoteTimestamp date-time

Quote Timestamp in EST. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sssssss.

NumberOfTrades integer
TotalVolume integer

Total volume traded in the session

VWAP number

Total Value traded/Total volume Traded

Change string

Difference between Last and PreviousClose

ChangePct string

% Difference between Last and PreviousClose

IsDelayed boolean

Price information is 15 minutes delayed when true

Error string

Error details

OptionType string

The type of the option contract

ExpirationDate string

The expiration date of the option contract

StrikePrice number

Strike price of the option contract

Error string